Meet The Chef

Chef Cuit was born and raised in NYC to a lifestyle of sweet contradiction. Strictly denied ice cream and other sugary treats on a daily basis due to "health reasons" was conversely bombarded and untethered by certain families on special holidays and birthdays.
Ice cream especially was placed on a pedestal, to be revered and discriminated against based on quality. It was not unheard of for little Chef Cuit to casually open his Grandmother's freezer door only to find a mountainous variety of Haagen Dazs ice cream pints ⎯ back then the quality standard-bearer of New York ice cream.
Vanilla, Honey Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Vanilla Swiss Almond, and occasionally he'd see a Breyer's ice cream or a Ben and Jerry's.
"Who's that for?"
"Can I have some?"
"Have as much as you want."   
It was around this time that the Chef learned to appreciate excess (in moderation and of good quality, of course) and to know when to just shut up and go with the flow.
Years later after culinary school, working for years in bakeries, making bread, cakes, tarts, etc (and yes ice cream too), he moved to the Philippines where he opened several restaurants, such as Borough, Nolita, and The Bowery.
There he always made sure to tantalize the guest's sweet tooth whether it was the ever-popular Mom's Milk and Cookies at Borough, Homemade Cannoli at Nolita, or the "tear-inducing" Death By Chocolate Cake of The Bowery. Though not widely known, these restaurants have all carried some of Chef's Cuit's ice cream, and those that were lucky enough to try them had their first taste of the ice creams that are now available at Busted.
During the decade Chef Cuit has lived in the Philippines, he has slowly been biding his time waiting for the right moment to take his lifelong passion for ice cream to the next level.
Chef Cuit describes his approach to Busted ice cream recipes as "like a Jackson Pollock painting — insist on the best ingredients out there then throw it at a canvass and see what sticks. I'm a professional with standards but more than that, I just wanna have fun".