Collection: The Experimentals

This is where eating for comfort meets eating for adventure–where ice cream freaks meet ice cream geeks... go out on a date, nothing too serious at first, maybe a couple of drinks after work... maybe share an appetizer, perhaps discuss their hopes and dreams... and then decide that they wanna take it slow, no rush, let's see where it goes from here or... if it feels right... who knows?!
The point is you put yourself out there, took a risk, put your heart on the line... AND NOW MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, YOU'VE FOUND LOVE!
(Deep Breath)
Hyperbole aside, just know that we're not sending completed creations out "cold" (pun intended). Our Experimentals start with an inspiration, whether it be an ingredient in season, an emotion, or the name of a movie... and then–under the watchful eye of Chef Cuit, of course–we craft (get stupid with) our recipe until we come up with something both provocative and tasty.
Next, every flavor we offer, no matter how radical, has to be approved by our panel of expert in-house misfit taste testers and if not, gets discarded to the "nice try" pile (yeah, it happens).  Some flavors may only slightly challenge the palate, while others may cause you to challenge your lifelong conception of good taste and what it all means in the large scheme of things (you may have to taste this flavor a few times).
Whatever your journey, it really is about the experience, an experimental experience we hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed creating it.  
Now get out there and try some strange!