Collection: Busted Out Basics

You've most likely heard of these flavor combinations. Maybe they remind you of ice cream you've had before or something you consume regularly, maybe they give you warm feelings of comfort, or are currently trending on social media... Well, we don't care about any of that!
Okay maybe we care a little, but that's not why we decided we had to offer them. Like a souped-up Cadillac with a little something extra under the hood or a tomato that's been allowed to fully ripen before being picked, we've taken basic flavors that often get short-changed quality-wise, flavors we personally feel could be special if only they were just given a little more attention and TLC... and then we do just that.
As far as we're concerned the flavors in this collection are the exceptions to the Busted experimental rule. But hey! Breaking the rules is also one of our rules and we take our rules very... very... seriously.